Mount Hooley Lodge

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Mount Hooley Lodge is located in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

The views are simply stunning, the setting, in the centre of the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, is spectacular but we can almost guarantee that what you will be talking about when you return home is the lodge itself, it is truly amazing. Nordic/Canadian inspired but pure Cumbrian, the building is designed to be a part of the landscape over which it presides.

Conceived as an ecological build, the lodge is probably the greenest building (in more ways than one) in which you will ever stay. Your roof is 23 tons of turf from the nearby pasture and don’t be surprised if you also have a Swaledale ewe or two for company grazing over your head as you sleep!

Mount Hooley Lodge began life as 60 mature larch trees in the Brakenbrough forest near Lazonby in the lush Eden Valley between Alston and The Lakes. In the skilled hands of Alex Hampton these massive trees were grooved together using only a razor sharpe axe, a homemade “router” as well as his chain saw. The fit is perfect and held together by the building’s own weight, not a single nail or bolt was used.

No compromise is made to comfort, but this does not come at a cost to the environment. The under floor heating is provided from ground source using a heat exchanger, the electicity from the farm’s solar panels, additional winter cosyness from the wood burner and water directly from fell side springs.

The lodge is divided into four double bedrooms, two bathrooms and large open plan living and kitchen from which the window/doors open onto decking with an almost endless vista into the sunset over Whitley Common, Great Heaplaw and the peak of Great Nag. The line of the Roman Maiden Way can be seen bisecting the valley towards the fort of Epiacum. In parallel below the single track railway can be picked out by the tell tale plumes of steam.

"This project is part financed by the European Agricultral Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas".

Mount Hooley Lodge

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Mount Hooley Lodge

Mount Hooley Lodge, Coatlith Hill Farm, Alston, Cumbria CA9 3JZ

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